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SASS - Shanyn's Artistic Strength Studio

SASS Studio Description

At SASS we strive for complete balance of mind, body, and spirit. Everyone part of the SASS family uses the studio as their home away from home. We believe in equality and no judgement. We focus on all aspects of fitness, from strength, cardio, stretching and artistic aerial arts.   

Our studio strives to empower the traits of the phoenix, a bird born from fire at a moment of change. Many of our family members have experienced transformations of their own while finding their passion, motivation and higher sense of self through the classes at SASS. This is where your journey may begin or continue, but we welcome everyone.  

sass fitness studio - Shanyn


Shanyn's Artistic Strength Studio is owned and operated by Shanyn Pollard. She began her journey as a pole fitness enthusiast following the birth of her second child and hasn't looked back since. For her it was simply a way to get back into shape without having to find the time to go to the gym. It quickly became a full time passion and within 18 months of training she was teaching pole fitness out of Zacada Circus School.

She went on to compete on the national stage in 2010 and brought home Best Pole Tricks and was awarded 1st Runner Up. In 2011 she returned to the stage and was awarded the Canadian Pole Fitness Champion, Best Pole Tricks, Best Entertainer and Best Costume which lead her to the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championships where she represented Canada as a finalist.

SASS has been in business since 2010 and she couldn't be happier with the people she's met and all the opportunities she's had along the way, which has lead her to expand her health and fitness knowledge. She's currently studying Applied Nutrition with the goal of adding health coaching into the mix as well as her most recent certifications in SUP Yoga, SUP Surf Sculpt  and Pound®. Watching students confidence grow has become the biggest inspiration to her and it's continued to fuel her passion for health and fitness. 

sass fitness studio - Lyndsay


Lindsay was introduced to SASS in 2013 when her best friend performed in one of the many studio showcases. She was very impressed by the strength and tricks the performers were completing. She immediately signed up for classes and fell in love with the sport.  Since she joined, she has seen a huge improvement in her flexibility, body composition, and most importantly, her confidence. 

Lindsay focuses on motivating and encouraging her students to reach their full potential.  She has seen her own personal growth in increasing strength and achieving her goals and understands how empowering it is. 

sass fitness studio - laura


Laura started pole fitness from winning a gift certificate! Hesitant to take a class but beyond grateful she did because she very quickly fell in love with this art, form of fitness and creative outlet. Through pole, she has had some opportunities that she had not thought possible, including teaching in the Bahamas, performing in New Zealand, getting runner up in the Amateur Division at the 2014 Ontario Pole Fitness Championships and winning the Level 3 Division at the 2015 Canadian Aerial Championships. She encourages everyone to boldly be themselves and to not be afraid of trying something new... because you never know where it might lead you! 

sass fitness studio - Sheena


Sheena started learning the art of pole in 2009 as a hobby, by 2010 she started instructing at SASS studio. In 2012, she competed in the Ontario Pole Dance Championships and won 3rd place in the professional division and again in 2013. In 2014, Sheena competed in Pole Sports Organization and again won 3rd place. She has performed in various shows including popular events such as Sexapalooza, Vertical Love, The Girlie Show, Chromageddon, Yuk Yuk's Showgasm and many other.

Sheena specializes in teaching the sexier side of pole dancing and her class Sexy Pole Flow & Floorwork, which she teaches exclusively at SASS, is quite popular. 

sass fitness studio - Kent


 Kent is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Certified Acro Yoga Instructor. Kent has a “back to basics” approach towards nutrition, physical fitness and mental health. He brings with him a friendly, positive attitude and focuses on inspiring people to achieve their personal goals and celebrate milestones. He is committed to helping individuals reach their highest potential through education and practical training.

During his spare time Kent enjoys hiking, mountain biking, yoga and especially acro yoga. 

sass fitness studio - Roxy


 Roxy has 8 years experience instructing in Ontario, USA and Mexico.  The thing she enjoys the most about her career is helping her students find and reach their goals.  She loves the transformation from falling in love with the sport that beginners experience to slowly growing into their own unique style. 

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