We're now located at 401 St. Paul St., Downtown St. Catharines! We are OPEN!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start as a beginner?

As a beginner, you're welcome to join any of our Level 1 sessions, our Transitions & Floor Flow or drop into an Open Pole class. The movement progressions are similar in each one of these sessions, Level 1 and Transitions & Floor Flow both focus on learning the movements and putting them together into sequences or a routine. The transitions class is intended to help you let loose and feel a little more sexy than our Level 1. Open Pole is a mixed level class, but don't worry, an instructor is available to show you all the movements and help you through your progressions. 

My schedule changes quite often. Is a session my only option?

Yes. We offer many different pole classes ensuring you can make it in at least once per week. Even if you don't see your level on the schedule, we can likely fit you into another night. Most of our levels are mixed for this very reason. Our instructors are trained to work with everyone accordingly. Also, don't forget that with a membership you can enjoy unlimited access to the pole and fitness classes. This way you always have the opportunity to keep up with your training with some form of fitness class or yoga!

What if I have previous pole dance fitness training?

Great! You can attend an open pole class or intermediate/advanced class and we can assess where you would fit within our levels. Please keep in mind, if your training was more than a couple of months ago or longer, it will take time to get back to where you were, and that's okay. We can get you there! Feel free to call or e-mail in advance so we can discuss your previous training and what your current goals may be. 

Can I make up a class that I have missed?

Absolutely. We understand life happens and these classes are meant to be fun, not add to your stress. If you have to miss a class or more for any reason you can make up for your lost time during our open pole class time. There's no need to call or sign up for these classes, just arrive and participate. Our instructors will work with you and guide you through the movements ensuring your safety and confidence in all the moves before continuing on. 

Is the studio available to practice or strength train?

Yes. We highly encourage you to attend a few classes per week if your goals are weight loss, toning, increased endurance or other personal reasons. With a studio membership you can attend your weekly session, open pole, yoga classes or another fitness class.

Can I join a different level class if my schedule doesn't allow me to join my level?

Yes. Our instructors are qualified to work with each student individually and give you any extra assistance you may need to fit right in and learn the necessary skills to safely carry out the required skills within your current level. Most of our regularly scheduled classes are mixed level as a result, so find which class night and time works best for you!

What should I wear?

Shorts are the preferred attire, but if you're a little shy, you're welcome to wear yoga pants, but you should be able to roll them above your knees. Shoes aren't required but socks are sometimes helpful. Please bring water as well and refrain from applying any sunscreens, oils or lotions to your hands or body up to 12 hours prior to your class as this could hinder your ability to grip the pole safely. Also, it's important to leave your rings at home as you'll be asked to remove them in the studio.

I'm not very fit or flexible. Should I lose weight and gain strength before I join?

This is the most common question, and I get it, but these are fitness classes designed for the everyday woman. This program has been redeveloped time and again over a 10 year span to suit anyone at any age, weight or fitness level. We start with very basic movements around the pole and format the sessions to advance progressively as your strength increases, which it inevitably will. We have witnessed it time and time again, and we know anyone can do this! Some students have repeated levels in order to progress with confidence and that's always an option to you. Also, adding our fitness or yoga classes to your weekly routine will benefit you greatly! You'll get fit, and you'll also have fun doing it and everyone will be cheering you on!